greatest hits

things are happening on the selling-our-house front.  i can't say anything definite yet, but it's looking up. (and truly, the thought of no longer having to have the beds made and floors clean everyday before leaving the house in the near future is enough to make me do cartwheels.  i mean, isn't getting two boys and one momma dressed and out the door every morning adventure enough?)

i'll keep you posted.
but in the meantime, 

1) we went down to the arts district last friday because museum admission was free.  woot!  we walked through a crocheted installation which automatically put big, fat smiles on all of our faces.  read more about it here.
icing on the cake, chris won a drawing for a membership to the nasher sculpture center.

 2) dr. jekyll/mr. hyde benjamin had his first tball game.  part of him loved it, part of him didn't.  i on the other hand thought the whole darn thing was super cute.  go pirates!

 3) and just in case you haven't already fallen in love with my newest niece, addy;
 here you go.  
she's awesome (especially that ear).
looking forward to a tball game, baby snuggles and ducking away to the lakehouse for a night.

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

until next time,


  1. this whole blog made my day! love the pics of Ben & the baby!

  2. hello addy's little eyes! she is precious! congrats, aunt courtney!!