my baby

my baby is one year old and he is something else.

he wakes up smiling, 
and cries only when it's time to get out of the bath or when he is out of food.
 did i mention that he loves to eat?
especially cake.
 chocolate, vanilla, he doesn't discriminate.
 and just as we knew he would, he covered himself in icing from his first birthday cake.
 if we hadn't taken it away, he would've eaten the entire cake.
 he is adorable beyond words, and i swear i am not just saying that because he belongs to me.
just ask anyone.  preferably my mom.
if he were a piece of cake, i would eat him up with the same fervor. 
  my baby is just that sweet.

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  1. Aww, yea he is. And so is the rest of the bonneroo clan! Love yall!