greatest hits

in no particular order, here are some shots of my week:

1) FINALLY eating a banh mi from nammi food truck (i've been eye-balling them for a while now).  ummmm, delicious.  the grilled pork was our fave.
2) a mother's day spent brunching at whiskey cake (omg, the actual whiskey cake is amazing) with the whole fam damily, hanging at the house with my boys and enjoying a perfect dinner at goodfriend.

{the coop}
3) hanging out with marcy on her day off and then later at her house for an epic dinner and happy hour.
4) a seriously successful play/dinner date with baby nolan and crew.
5) an end of the year program where ben spent half of the time happily singing and the other half pouting and shrugging.  oh well, you win some, you lose some.
 6) a tball practice that involved ben hitting the ball, sloooowly running the bases and digging in the dirt.
 7) this french-fry loving baby (i know, big surprise that my baby loves french fries).
 he also prefers to play in the toy basket instead of with the basket's contents.  whatevs.
 looking forward to: ben's first tball game and the birth of my niece (woot, woot!)

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

until next time,

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