my uncle is just seven years older than me.  he has been more like a brother than an uncle to me my entire life.  i have vivid memories of going to visit my grandparents on a friday or saturday night.  as it neared my bedtime, my teenaged uncle was getting showered and ready for a big night out.  and as he got ready, he almost always listened to the beastie boys.  loudly.

at around seven or eight years old, i begged him to make me a tape of the song 'girls' because i loved it so.  my mom quickly vetoed my awesome idea.

fast forward a few years; my uncle came home from college for a weekend having just bought the cd, check your head.  he hated it, so he gave it to me.  

i loved it.

the beastie boys transport me through memories like a rolodex; one song can remind me of being an eight year old, begging for my uncle's attention.  another can remind me of a certain party in high school, or a certain boy, or friend, or a period of time in college.

i am so, so sad to hear of MCA's passing.  may he rest in peace.

long live the beastie boys.


  1. it's funny because my earliest memories of the beastie boys are of you and uncle jason. music is such an amazing time machine.

  2. I have so many memories of singing beastie boys with you!! Such a sad day indeed. Very nicely written. xoxoxoxo