i'll be the judge of that

pinterest is 3 parts: awesome to 1 part: liar.

like when they tell you that this recipe will make your chicken look like this.

Source: food.com via Cortney on Pinterest

lies, lies, lies. 

or when they convince you that homemade fruit bites will be a healthy, delicious and wholesome snack for your family.

as it turns out, burnt strawberries taste like shit. 

so needless to say, i was a little skeptical of the name of this margarita recipe. but since it is cinco de mayo, i decided to take one for the team (wink, wink) and make a batch of these at home.

a little too sweet for our liking, but a salted rim will fix that problem right up. go ahead, make yourself a batch and tell me what you think. but for the love of god, do not make the fruit snacks. 

 happy cinco de mayo, y'all!


  1. hilarious, courtney! i will not be trying the fruit snacks, but those margaritas....now thats something i will go for :)


  2. me, too! we are always down to try a new margarita recipe.