greatest hits

this week has been nutso.  chris was out of town from friday to sunday, as were my parents, so the normal village i use to help raise my children were out-of-commission.  so, different villagers stepped up to help this momma out. (thank you, villagers...you know who you are).  we have celebrated chris' return by eating chocolate non-stop.
here's a peek:

1) this kid has already found the ONLY non-child-proofed cabinet in the kitchen.  look at his face, he knows he is busted.
 2) a baby shower for a dear friend from college.  the baby's name will be luke ryan, but we like to call him craig-craig after his daddy :)

 because i am lame, i only have one picture of luke ryan's momma...she's the one way in the back.  sorry, em.
 3) a pancake breakfast for my little guys.  
below is my sous chef.
 nothing says valentine's like pumpkin, christmas tree and heart-shaped pancakes.
 of course this kid loves pancakes.  he is made of them.
 4) glow sticks from the target dollar bin + idea found on pinterest = a glowing bathtub and two ecstatic boys.

 5) a party a ben's school.
 6) chocolate cake baking.

 7) unprompted backseat hand-holding.  on valentine's day, no less.
 8) vday lunch of champions (with daddy).
 9) this heart arrived in the mail from our big boy.
 10) i always knew that one day i would have children.  and i would dress them in matching pajamas.

  looking forward to a rescheduled valentine's date night.

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

until next time,


  1. I love that you got that picture of them holding hands! So sweet!

  2. I love your greatest hits posts! So many fun things Nd adorable pics! Soooo, when I saw the bib pic from Emily's shower, I didn't know the baby's name yet and thought yall did LRD for "Little Ryan Delzell"! Hahahaha!