my favorite radio station has been blowing up R.E.M. lately and i am loving it.  here are a couple of my favorites that i have heard lately.

R.E.M. is one of those bands whose music immediately transports me to another time and place and that, my friends, is what i love about music.

my blog receives the least amount of traffic on my music posts, but i cannot help myself.  i apologize if i am boring you to death :)  but if you are interested, i would love to know the music that transports you back in time.

p.s.  michael stipe is such an artsy weirdo (and y'all know how i love artsy weirdos...enter kanye), BUT i recently learned that we share the same love for my beloved new orleans.  i'll have to check out some of his picks on our next trip.

happy listening!

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  1. You know i LOVE me some REM and Michael Stipe. xoxo, and i love your music posts!