getting better all the time

i was hoping i would be supermodel skinny by now.  i mean, i have been at this for three whole weeks.  but alas, i am not.  maybe a pound lighter, max.  but i can say this for myself: i don't hate running. i love eating and drinking margaritas more, don't get me wrong.  but wednesdays might be shaping up to be my favorite night of the week.

tonight the sky was dark.  the air was cold.  the lake was calm.  my brain was still but my body was moving (not very fast, mind you, but moving nonetheless).  and for the first time since i started this thing, i could've kept going.  it. felt. fantastic.

icing on the cake: late runs = momma picks up dinner. which usually means subway, but tonight meant giant bowls of pho and a banh mi sandwich to-go.  best eaten while watching parenthood on dvr.

it's getting better all the time, friends.

good night.