greatest hits

get ready for perhaps the wordiest greatest hits in this blog's history.  and here we go.

1) my group of girls does a bang-up job of making a point to carve out some time for each other in our busy lives.  it doesn't happen as often as we would like, but we can usually throw together a last minute happy hour, piece of cake.  well it just so happens that two of my best girls are pregs with sweet baby boys, named nolan and finn (boys number 5 & 6 for this group).  we surprised them with a little shower  at our last "happy hour".  they drank water out of wine glasses and we drank bud light in their honor.  yay for babies!

2) rewind to monday night before valentine's day; my baby has a double ear infection, our sitter and dinner plans are cancelled, and i am having a pity party for one (no one else was invited).  cue chris.  he makes surprise plans for the next saturday and managed to keep the plans a secret ALL week.  this is a big deal for my sweet husband (i think he asked me once a day if i wanted to know the surprise :)
fast forward to saturday.  we drop the babes off at my parents, check in to the hotel belmont, partake in a celebratory bloody mary, enjoy dinner at the common table (delish), finish the night with beers at the foundry, sleep soundly in a bed that isn't ours, eat a delicious brunch at smoke, and take the long twenty minute drive home.  perfection.

kudos, chris.  thanks for the hot date :)
(the patio at the foundry.  reminded us of austin.  good work, dallas!)

3) the rest of the week was spent keeping the baby out of trashcans and spending time outside with the boys.  you know, the usual.

* i do realize that reading this post could lead you to believe that this week has been all unicorns and rainbows.  in an effort to keep it real, i just want to let you know that this week has also included a nasty eye infection (me), poo that escaped the diaper and landed directly on my foot, and the ingestion of some sort of insect by the littlest one.  and there you have it.  never a dull moment.

looking forward to an easy weekend.  how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

until next time,

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  1. I keep thinking I am going to answer those last two questions with my own blog post one of these days. Your boys are precious! I love the one of Chris & Ben flexing....so, so, so cute.