greatest hits

y'all, to be totally honest, i just wasn't feeling the blog today.  i didn't feel like trying to make my average week seem above average.  i wasn't sure if anyone would read it or if anyone really cares.  i mean, who cares if crosby is teething?  don't all babies?  see what i mean?

but just when i decided to put off this week's greatest hits until next week, i got an email from a friend of a friend telling me that she reads (and really likes) this little blog.  you see, i am never 100% sure of who all reads this thing.  i only know about my commenters (hi commenters!) and the occasional person who lets me know otherwise.

her email made my day.  thank you for reading, all of you.

1) o.k. so maybe feeding the baby spaghetti wasn't the best ever idea, but it sure was entertaining.
2) a weekend that consisted of hanging with marse, running (yep, i'm still at it), and going to bed really early.  

(he's not really crying.  and i am not really evil for taking this picture.)

3) ooooh baby.  my boo smoked ribs.
4) daddy's little helpers.
5) a school program that involved the chicken dance and one very happy little boy.

6) a father/son "round-up" at ben's school.  he agreed to wearing boots, but not pants.  you win some, you lose some.

7) this little green-eyed monster.  i cannot keep up with him to save my life, but i don't mind because i am so, so in love with him.

looking forward to another family cook-off (i am a mighty fine taste tester).  
how was your week?  what are you looking forward to? 
(one day someone will actually answer these questions :)

until next time,


  1. you know i love your posts and pics, inparticular this week, the one of ben and cros on the truck thing. as for your questions, this week was good but really tiring (damn pms). looking forward to a low key weekend filled with new tennis shoes, playing with crosby, a few house projects, and a lot of dvr catch up. don't you dare stop writing, you have more readers than you know who love your blog.

  2. yeah! What Marcy said. I look forward to your Greatest hits all week! Literally yesterday i refreshed my page all day long waiting for it to show up. I know, i comment a lot- but i LOVE your blog and i wanna know if/when Crosby is teething, cause i live real far away. ;) Congrats on the running still! I have been trying to think of a way to do a greatest hits of my own on my blog.. but waking up, going to work, going home, walking chai, eating soup, watching tv...doesn't make for an interesting blog post.. Love you!! xoxo

  3. So I subscribe to your blog on Feeder and until now I never could figure out how to blog a comment. Today I went the extra click to let you know I read your blog faithfully and absolutely enjoy it! I am pretty sure that there are many other silent readers like me out there...so keep on keepin on!! I honestly don't remember how I ended up finding your blog but I am happy I did! You have a fan in Baltimore, MD :-)

    1. erin, thank you for reading!

    2. Thanks for writing! I keep saying I am going to start my own one day...My daughter will be 11 on St.Patricks Day and I have one on the way. I think that even if no one ever read it, it would be a wonderful way to have my kids look back at it and see their lives through the eyes of their mom! You were a smart mama to have done this for yours from the beginning!

  4. Cortney! Teething babies stink. I think Jack's been teething for a year straight. I wish he was one of those that gets like four at a time, but instead one seems to always be popping through!

    I am looking forward to the new Reese Whitherspoon movie tonight and dinner and wine at our house with friends tomorrow night. Have a great weekend!!

  5. Hey cortalicious! Your blog gets me through many a night of pumping with a smile and a laugh and a lot of awwwwww's! Your family is so cute, parents included, that anything yall do is entertaining! I love that you and chris are still a couple that go on dates and have fun when.the opportunity presents itself. I love that yall are still the same music loving, fun to be around folks as in college and that you even take turns to make it out with friends for concerts, girls weekends, and Acl! I gotta tell ya to Puh-lease keep writing about things like teething! I take a little bit of baby knowledge from everything you post and I love it! I even learned the lesson that we mommas can't fix everything, but tantrums make for a really cute photo and a good story later, so let that get you through! (By the by: I don't think crying pics are evil of you... documenting how adorably cute your little monsters are even when they're world seems to be falling apart is tooooo cute to miss!). Thanks for sharing your day to day lives with us, cort! I always wish I lived closer so I could see our little Dallas crew all the time, your funny posts and awesome attitude make me feel like I see all of yall each week even though I live hours away. I love you and thanks for writing - you inspire many, though you may not know it!

  6. I hope that you know that I check your blog daily! The problem is, I read it on my phone while blow-drying my hair at 6am, so commenting is a tough thing! But you've got a fan in me!! Love you-

  7. i also check daily...even though i know u post on thursdays, i' m always hoping, HOPING, u'll sneek a post in about something funny, or something you saw that made your day, and so forth. when i see ur momma, i smile...i always laugh when i see your children...i get giddy when i glance at your husband...and i am always anticipating a picture of you, and over joyed when i get one, because i get to see you. xxXxoOOo and XXXOOO (in my best nacho libre voice)

  8. i love you people. that's all.