birthday boy

happy thirty-third birthday
 to a man who still writes love notes,
 does the dishes and laundry,
 makes really awesome babies,
 who can dance a jig like no other,
 sings in the shower (and not in the shower),
 fixes boo-boos,
 and makes us all feel loved every single day.

we love you, chris bo/daddy-o. 


  1. Feliz Feliz Cumpleanos!!! Chris, haven't a clue who you are, other than everything your dear wife just mentioned, and I must say, you are quite a man ;-) Thank God for you, your fruits are many, and your reape plentiful-in all the good ways.

  2. Awww, all so true. Happy birthday Chris! So glad a college crush turned into forever...not only are you a wonderful daddy and husband, but thanks to Cort we get to have you in our lives forever too. SCORE! love and hugs from the Webb clan and can't wait until the next time we get to see yall and your gorgeous babies!