i am resistant to trends.  i have no idea why, but i hold out until the bitter end before i cave.
for example: leggings, skinny jeans? meh.  harry potter, twilight?  forget-about-it.  toms? it took me forever.  hunger games?  not ready yet.  instagram?  what's the big deal?

ummmmm, how dumb am i?  there is a reason for all the hype, cortney!
i am officially on the bandwagon, o.k.?
take that, trend.

this past weekend, my family participated in another barbeque competition.
and who better to practice my mad instagram skills on than my family?

it's naptime for the pit boss.
the competition took place at a tiny airport in waxahachie.
a little batting practice in our down-time.
crosby was enamored with jake's braces.
mimi is the baby whisperer.
the late afternoon sky.
blue-ribbon ribs and chicken (in my book, at least).

do you wear toms skinny jeans read twilight use instagram?
if so, i want to follow you.
woot, woot.


  1. Omg. You know the study where scientists observe two groups of monkeys living on an island, and even though the two groups are separated by an impassable river and never see each other, they start exhibiting new behaviors at the same time? We are those monkeys. As of a week ago I'm loving instagram

  2. I was wondering what all this amazing looking food was from! so awesome!! i am glad you are on the instagram train!! WOOT!

  3. I heart instagram! I'm ssclemens I think. Not sure. And I love toms and skinny jeans and twilight but i will say i am not the one on the bandwagon of new trends at first. it takes me a while to warm up to the idea but then i get there pretty fast! welcome to instagram!

  4. um, yum!! i want some of those ribs and to give big kisses to those 2 boys of yours! crosby is getting so big and look at his teeth :)