greatest hits- NOLA edition

every year, chris and his buddies fork over $160 each to join their fantasy football league.  every monday night during football season, they gather together to drink beer, watch games, and enjoy each others company.  we usually celebrate someone else's season win at an annual superbowl party.  but not this year!  chris won the imaginary superbowl.  to him this win means bragging rights, a trophy, and a big, fat cash prize. to me this win means just one thing: a big, fat cash prize.  
we couldn't book our plane tickets to new orleans fast enough.

 although we revisit our favorite city often, the adventure-seeking side of our personalities shine by switching things up each trip.  

wanna see what made my weekend?

 1) hearing kermit ruffins play at vaughn's.  it was a dancy, twirly, sweaty good-time.

2) hard and soft.  
wild flowers growing all over a dilapidated house.  vines crawling on wrought iron.  it sums up everything i love about new orleans.

 3) our balcony.  uh yep, the door is a window.  and yes, my husband is holding cafe au lait and croissants.

loving our balcony so much caused us to spend a lot of time on it,
 which led to me taking pictures of myself,
which led to the consumption of my new-found favorite beer, abita strawberry.
4) and speaking of abita strawberry, they sure were tasty while bellied up to our new favorite bar.  it was dark, the food was tasty, and their motto (as pictured on the sign above the bar) goes something like this:
'remember you can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning'.
 5) walking up and down royal, taking pictures of the colors of the doors and buildings, ducking in and out of antique stores, dreaming of buying art and furniture.
 6) could i be related to ella brennan?
 7) an unforgettable birthday dinner.
 8) a fancy schmancy after-dinner cocktail at the newly renovated carousel bar inside the hotel monteleone.
 9) happening upon a street festival.  we found a vendor from our favorite rib joint in memphis.  serendipitous, maybe?
 10) rounding the corner and running smack dab into a wedding party dancing down the street.
11) the food.  we put our noses to the grindstone, sought and successfully found the best bloody mary in the quarter.  oh, and the best coffee.  and the best breakfast.  i had an eggs benedict po-boy, y'all.  seriously.
 12) my travel buddy.  we have the same interests.  
i like him a lot.  
thanks for winning the imaginary superbowl, baby.

*i will be writing a travel guide soon.
stay tuned.

looking forward to a couple of baby showers and a birthday party.
how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

until next time,


  1. Oh your trip looks so amazing, and makes me miss what i loved about New Orleans! Last time i was there was like in 2005 on New Years eve for a wedding. Let's just say... Bourbon street was SCARY!!! I forget it can be beautiful too! Your balcony looks amazing!!! Glad you had such a wonderful trip! xoxoxox

    1. oh, i can imagine it was nasty on NYE. i avoid bourbon steret altogether. love you and miss you! xoxoxo

  2. Can't wait for your travel guide! We want to stop there in May on our way to Destin... will you include some kid friendly places for dinner/breakfast? I know you didn't have kids on the trip {PTL!} but I bet you know some places they would enjoy!

    1. yes, yes, yes. i have a breakfast place that you will love!

  3. I am looking forward to your travel guide!!!! And your daughter named Nola.... ;)