greatest hits

the bulk of this week was spent preparing for, participating in, and cleaning up after our barbeque cook-off.  
wanna meet the family?

this is grandpa.  he was worried that he looked old in this picture.  i think he looks handsome.
this is nan.  she hates having her picture taken.  this one required coaxing and persuasion. 
 little victories, people, little victories.
 this is my uncle jason.  he also loves having his picture taken.
there, that's nicer.
 this is mimi.  she hates having her picture taken as well.  wait, is that genetic?  but she obliged when i told her the picture was for one of her grandchildren.  
i like to call her the baby whisperer.
 this is kristie.  she doesn't give a damn who takes her picture, as long as she has her hands on a baby.
 you know this clown.  he likes to play in tents.
 and then this boy. he likes to smile and eat ribs.  with his belly hanging out of his shirt. (he gets that from me).

 this is jake.  he is my very favorite almost twelve year old.  he has braces, talks a lot, and loves the band lmfao.
 not pictured: chelsey, zach, kami and chris.  i do have a picture of chelsey eating chocolate candy.  but i won't post it because she is pregnant and i am scared of her.

on another note, my big boy got his first black eye this week when he walked directly into a steel handrail.  that's what happens when you walk forward and look backward at the same time.  poor (clumsy) baby.  
 this boy has teeth and he is proud of it.

a trip to our favorite kids store in the mall resulted in these shots of some pretty great quotes they have posted on their walls.  i am so sure they love the lady that always comes in and never buys anything roaming around and snapping pictures of their decor (because i don't spend more than $20 on a shirt for myself, so i sure as hell won't spend $40 on a shirt for a toddler.  just sayin').
looking forward to my saturday run and then taking it easy. 
how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

until next time,


  1. OMG. That picture of Crosby and those TEETH. adorable.