bluebonnet picture FAIL

while taking the long way home from lunch through a neighborhood near our house, i drove past a random patch of bluebonnets on the side of the road.  i threw the car into park, quickly bathed my children with wet ones, and plopped them in the "field" of bluebonnets with strict instructions not to eat or smush them.
now i could finally have some of those cute kid-in-bluebonnets photographs so popular in texas this time of year.

 "hey guys, over here."
 "crosby, no-no.  no.  no.  ben, make him stop."
 "wheeeere's momma?  wheeeeeere's momma????  yoohoo?"
 "focus, ben."
 "why are you holding your face? is it too bright out here?"
 "crosby!  no-no.  no.  NO!"
 "BEN!  crosby can turn his own head.  thanks for your help, bud."
"good enough.  let's go home."


  1. you are one step ahead of me my friend. libby would have those flowers picked and in her mouth in 2.5 seconds and i would be attempting to wrestle them away from her, thus failing at the photo taking! i think #2 is my favorite of the ones you posted!!

  2. Hahahahaha! Oh, I laughed out loud at these! Good to know I need to cherish the bluebonnet pics we got last week...much easier since she can't move around on her own yet! We'll see how next year goes once she's mobile, lol - looking forward to it already...

    My fav pic is the one with Ben holding his head. His shirt is classic! It's the perfect caption for his face, "DUDE!"

    Hahaha, love you Bonneroo clan!

  3. Hilarious! They are still adorable anyway!

  4. this one made me laugh out loud. pretty darn cute, and you will look back on these outtakes and they will be EVEN BETTER than perfect poses =)