ten months old

oh y'all...the ship is sinking.  crosby has been sick all weekend.  just minutes after i called the doctor this morning to make him an appointment, ben started vomiting.  everywhere.  lord help us.  that dang lysol better do it's job.

so in an attempt to keep myself busy during crosby's nap and ben's movie marathon, i thought i would update y'all on my big ten-month old.

name: crosby
 age: 10 months old
 favorite food: all of it.  he loves to eat and loves everything he eats.  he has a fit if you are eating and he isn't.
 favorite school: texas a &m (see picture below.  gig 'em right back at ya, crosby.)
 favorite toys: electrical outlets, dog bowls, the computer printer, the telephone and anything that displays or contains his mother's jewelry.
 things that make him laugh: anything his brother does, the sillier the better.
 things that make him cry: not much.  he does have a temper, but only when you take him away from one of his favorite toys.  when he does cry, it is l.o.u.d.
 hobbies: dancing (particularly head-bobbing) and waving bye-bye.

p.s. pictured below is a hilarious game i like to call rasta-baby.  the shirt stands in as dreadlocks and i provide the jamaican accent.  crosby loves it.  not really.

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  1. Too damn adorable for words. Seriously. Ah-dorable!