greatest hits

what a week.  i have somehow managed to survive unscathed from the stomach bug extravaganza that resided in my house for the majority of the week.  please knock on wood, cross your fingers, and say a little prayer to sweet baby jesus.  thanks.  but there were some good times to be had before and after pukefest 2012.

1) a trip to our favorite vietnamese restaurant, where our big boy did some work on a bowl of noodles.  this is huge considering ben is a picky eater and they have no real kids menu.  what this means is that we can drag our kids out for pho anytime we get a hankering for it.  holla.

 2) white rock local market is back! this time we ended up with texas olive oil and honey.  see the bee man?

 3) a walk by the lake.
 4) this pic is not really a greatest hit but i just had to share.  each time ben shall i say, bowed to the porcelain god on monday, dark blood blisters spread up his face.  has anyone had any experience with that?  it is the craziest thing.  when my husband shall i say, tosses his cookies, the blood-vessels in his eyes burst and his eyes remain bloodshot long after he is sick.  weirdos (j/k).  the dr. said it will heal like a bruise.

 5) since the boys are feeling much better, we ventured out of the house today to meet daddy and grandpa downtown (where they had a meeting).  we hit up the food trucks and i finally got my hands on these (here).

this is ben in daddy's gear.
this is where they are working (museum tower).
then we ditched them and went to appreciate some art.  good times.  beats hanging out in the sick house any day.

 looking forward to celebrating the third anniversary of my husband's thirtieth birthday.  i love him so.

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

until next time,


  1. Aww, I love greatest hits. Poor Ben, he'll never get away with having too much "fun" when he gets older without yall knowing about it, haha!

    I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend of just Jason, Lenox and me. I think you've inspired me to head downtown to the farmers market Saturday for a family outing (downtown is quite the excursion for us round rock folk!). It's so nice to get out of the house with Lenox and enjoy the fresh air!

    Love you and happy early third anniversary of his thirtieth bday to your handsome hubby!

  2. Poor y'all! So glad you missed it this time, but boo for the boys all being sick. I had to comment because guess what? I do the same thing when I puke! I burst blood vessels around my mouth and my eyes and even my eyeballs, too. It is craziness!! So Chris and Ben are not alone! I wonder if my kids will do it, too?! All I know is that I don't want to find out anytime soon!