baby weight

after i had crosby, one of the doctors in the hospital told me that it takes at least six months to get "unpregnant".  here i am 10 months later with 15 pounds still to go.  articles like the one below make me a little less frustrated with the stubborn baby weight.  maybe my new body is simply showing people that i can love like no other.  

the post is about how the show "up all night", which was created by new mothers, is redefining the way women's bodies are portrayed on television.
here is an excerpt:

"Normal, that’s funny. Like there will ever be a normal again. Like baby weight is a condition you can cure. Christina Applegate’s baby was born over a year ago; by Hollywood’s standards, she should have lost the baby weight 11 months ago. But maybe this isn’t baby weight—maybe it’s the new Christina. A woman whose life has changed and her body has changed to reflect that; she hasn’t simply  “gained weight”…….her body has morphed into a bearer of life."

click the link to read the whole thing. 


  1. I LOVE THIS PICTURE IDEA:)))) You look fabulous by the way....Keep up what you are doing to feel good and the resr will follow:)))

    *Remember this advice and tell it to me in about 4 or 5 months..THANKS!

  2. You look great sister! You are doing things to help you get/stay healthy, that's all you should worry about! Don't look at numbers, do what makes you feel good and let yourself love your body. Love you!