someone recently asked me about our vacation to tulum, mexico and now i cannot seem to get it off my mind.

it was the last vacation we took before we got pregnant with ben, so it holds a special place in our hearts.  white sand, turquoise ocean, potent (omg) margaritas, fresh seafood, culture, and a little sun-worshipping are all elements of the perfect vacation, for me at least.

i am currently in my robe watching sesame street.

oh my, how things have changed.

this is for you, roxie.


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!! i CAN'T wait to be there! thank you so much for posting this...it just made it a little more real. BEAUTIFUL.

    ¡Qué viva Tulum!

    (i can't believe i can finally post:)

  2. oh my goodness can I go there now, please? What great pictures and a great pre-baby vacay to look back on!! Someday, sister, we will be able to do that again. Right???