today most definitely deserves a punch in the face.  tornados popped up all over our neck of the woods, bringing with them panic, worry and stress.
panic, worry and stress do not bring out the best in me.
(especially when i am driving around in torrential rain under a pitch black sky.  not my smartest move.)

bring on tomorrow.

(this song has little, or nothing, to do with anything other than i heard it on the radio when i was in the car by myself the other day.  so i cranked. it. up.  it slows my roll in the very best way.)

*i hope you and your family were unaffected by the awful storms today.  prayers to those who weren't so lucky.

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  1. I looove punch today in the face, Hahaha! I'm so sorry you got caught driving in the storm, that is So So scary. Here's an amazing fact: 13 tornadoes, over 100 funnel clouds and NO deaths. A-mazing. My mom even told me about a lady that had just had knee surgery and couldn't get out of her recliner. Poor thing watched her porch fly away, then each side of her house, then the tornado picked her and her recliner up. She looked up and saw all of the debris flying around in a circle before she was deposited unharmed on her neighbors lawn, across the street from where her house used to be. Crazy mess of storms, but Dallas was so lucky in many ways in spite of it all!