greatest hits

if the months of march through may were one of the trains from 'thomas the tank engine', it would be gordon. big, fast, impatient.  here's what i mean, so far we've had: birthday party, birthday, birthday, baby shower, birthday party, baby shower, 5k, birthday party, birthday, easter.  throw in work and a couple of ear infections and you get the picture.  sometimes i wish spring were a bit more like sweet thomas, just chuffing along, minding his own business.  i'm not complaining, but we are busy, y'all!  (ben re recently informed me that he is so over gorillas, and back into thomas the train.  can you tell?)

1) i told ben that he had to like gorillas at least until his gorilla-themed birthday party.  sheesh.

 2) i had to remind chris that the light saber was ben's present.
 3) the easter bunny came to visit this almost-one-year-old for the first time.
 4) the easter bunny was followed up by some headache-inducing cascarones and the best lamb i have ever tasted.

 5) rainbow jungle cupcakes were made and brought to school. (nice theme, cort.)

6) oh yea, i ran this race thing.
 7) we ate outside because the weather is so perfect, we would be total weirdos if we didn't.
8) speaking of weirdos, we took ben to a rangers game.
 they won (which to chris means we have to go back and wear the exact same clothes).
go rangers!

 looking forward to a girls dinner and turning 33 (oh shit).

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

until next time,


  1. love, love, love the rainbow cupcakes!

    i'm looking forward to hopefully hittin' up the deep ellum food truck rally tomorrow evening....which, by the way, we tried them downtown for the first time a while back because of a post you wrote so keep the food/restaurant posts coming, por favor!

  2. Those cupcakes are awesome! Can you shoot me the recipe? I want to make them (covered in marshmellows as sheep, of course) for Jason's mum's 50th bday! Oh and where did you get those bowls that the cupcake better was in? So cute!

    You are an awesome momma. Way to go, Cort!