this and that

1) the art of sebastien millon is cute and a little off-beat.  right up my alley.

learn more here.

2) i believe i have posted about the photographer Hideaki Hamada and his two sweet sons before.  since then he has published more photos of his beautiful boys.  the photos capture brotherhood perfectly, which is still such a mystery to me yet so familiar at the same time.
see more here.

3) isn't this poster beautiful?

find it here.

4) kelly (from one of my favorite blogs, design crush) started a project called 'little corners'.  it celebrates the little parts of your home that make your heart go pitter-patter.  she encourages you to share your own little corners.  why didn't i think of that?

5) nathan ripperger makes posters about things that he says to his kids.  i swear, he took these words right out of my mouth.
see more here.

6) these philosophy posters by max temkin are my favorite.

via alice.

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