greatest hits

back to life, back to reality (who is now singing that 80's song? sorry.)  so, it seems as if there is no such thing as easing into or out of vacation mode.  this week showed us who's boss.  an ear infection, another damn co-pay, scary storms, and realizing yet again that sometimes being a grown-up sucks-a-duck. but there were some bright moments in there as well :)  and those just happen to be the things i snap pictures of, lucky you.

1) baby shower #1: my sister's best friends + a shower themed around her pregnancy cravings = laughing until your cheeks hurt.

 (must i always look so dang tired? geez.)

2) ben's one and only, maggie rose, celebrated her birthday early this year.  as you can see, baby joe wasn't to sure about the whole shebang.
 can't find ben in the fun birthday party group picture?  he's the one refusing to face the camera because he wasn't able to sit next to the birthday girl.  that sure was a fun little tantrum.
the two goofballs were reunited at last.  tantrum over.  praise jesus.
 3) a pancake breakfast.
 4) baby shower #2.  addelyn is already so loved.
 these are sugar cookies, y'all.  they were gorgeous and tasty.  if you want contact info, hit me up.
pinterest makes party planning so much easier, btw.
 5) did you know that my baby has man hands?

oh, and ben turned into a teenager overnight.  betcha didn't know that either.

looking forward to my first ever 5k and my big boy's fourth birthday.  pass the tissues, please.

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

until next time,


  1. The Addy picture is amazing...offffffff course!

  2. Soooo, I saw on pinterest somewhere that you can turn your own handwriting into a font. Could you please do that then let me upload it? Love everything about shower#2. Especially the Addylynn tree. Lucky little girl to have such a special and thoughtful Auntie!

    So i'll keep an eye on my inbox for the Cort font. For serious. No, really. Just do it. Yea, now...thanks!