my soundtrack

* my soundtrack is the new name i am giving my music posts (this way you will know what you are getting into)!  this is where i will post music i am currently obsessing over, music that is new to me, or some old favorites that trigger a memory/solo concert in the car.

here are a couple of bands that i am obsessing over lately.

the alabama shakes
i recently heard a great interview with this band by david dye.  i was intrigued.  i think the alabama shakes may fill the amy winehouse void in my music-loving heart.  the lead singer is only like 23 or something ridiculous like that, and i think i am in love.  check them out.

dale earnhardt jr. jr.
day 3 of the acl music festival last year was hot as hell.  we were blessed with beautiful weather the first two days but were punished by the sun on the last.  since there were no bands we were super-excited about seeing, we decided to head to the festival for just a little bit (to get our money's worth) before we headed back home to dallas.  sweating profusely and hiding from the sun behind our festival maps, we plopped down in the field between two big stages to rest a bit before leaving.  i remember hearing dale earnhardt jr. jr. and thinking to myself that they sounded pretty good.  then a few months later they came highly recommended to us by a friend, and now their music is the only music i want to listen to while running.  it's good, y'all.

happy listening.

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  1. Yay, adding the jr. jr. one to my playlist! here's a cool acappella cover I found on FB today if you're feeling a little Gotye love...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOKuAigsrec&feature=player_embedded

    love no instrument covers that sound like the real thing :)