greatest hits

remember when i told you how crazy busy spring is for us?  well, like a couple of people who have lost their ding dang minds, we put our house on the market.  it has turned into the only thing i can think about all. day. long.  and the stress is making me sleepy.  and grumpy.  and hungry.  nevermind.

soooooo, if you know anyone interested in buying a cute little house in east dallas.  hit me up.  in the meantime we are trying to stay busy OUTSIDE of the house, so that the INSIDE of the house stays nice and clean.

here are this week's greatest hits:
1) the dallas flea: oh, it was good.  i really want to tell you all about everything i bought, but mother's day is coming up and i don't want to ruin any surprises.
 2) ben's first ever experience at chuck e. cheese.  it's a rite of passage.  and how cute is the birthday boy (the one with the mohawk)???
 3) a zip around the block in pawpaw's old fiat.
 4) a date night to a david sedaris reading (my birthday present).  i laughed until i cried.
 5) a 'festival of cultures' at ben's school.  his class studied ireland.  duh.

 6) mornings with this boy and his dog. (pull up your pants, crosby.  geez.)
7) soaking up what time we have left in our beautiful yard.
 8) a reunion with my beloved abita strawberry at a new cajun restaurant in the hood.
looking forward to meeting the newest baby boy of the group, mr. finn mcanally!

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

until next time, 

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  1. love your greatest hits! Good luck with the move! Your house will go quickly, it's lovely!