impossible until it is done

this is how i felt twelve weeks ago:

this is how i felt yesterday:

i ran my first 5k. or as my running coach would say, "my last first race ever". i can now cross that off the bucket list. 
 it was hard, but good.

best part is that ben thinks i won the race.  god bless him.

next up: 5 miles.


  1. I'm pretty sure I got a TKS news memo that Cort won the race...WHOOP! WAY TO GO FRIEND! I couldn't be more proud of or happy for you. Once again, you are my source of inspiration. Love you.

  2. Congrats! You look great- you don't even look like you broke a sweat!

  3. Cortney! Way to go! So proud of you!

  4. don't you know? you did win. you are the biggest hero those two boys will ever know. you are inspiring. you are charming. you are wondrous to the person that you passed in this race. and as you passed them they thought, "God, that woman runs fast..." YOU GO GIRL, fo real :)

  5. awesome job cort!!! what a great "1st" accomplishment with another goal in the works already. you'll be running the whole marathon in december!! let me know when you run your 5 miles...i would love to join you. i was thinking of running the drc rock and roll in may if you're in. you should be sooo proud of yourself :)