four is the new three

our big boy is four years old today.

yesterday chris took a video of him dancing.  while showing his cousins the video today, ben explained to them that it was taken back when he was a little boy.

ben is funny.  most recently he has added, 'what in the heck are you talking about?' to his vocabulary.  another gem is 'dangit!!!", to which we reply, 'ben, don't say dangit!", to which he then replies, 'nuts!"
he is loyal.  he makes friends easily.  but he only has one 'best' friend at a time.  and he loves that friend with his whole heart, forever.
 he is intense.  he is the firstborn, afterall.
 he is passionate.  he obsesses about his interests.  he loves gorillas.  he acts like a gorilla.  memorizes facts about gorillas.  asks to be called by his gorilla name.  before gorillas were elephants.  he marched around the house everyday trumpeting his trunk and marching up and down the hall.  before that was dinosaurs.  you get the picture.  he's a quirky one.
he is affectionate when it is not expected of him.  he doesn't like a lot of attention, unless it is from his daddy.  he is curious.  he is smart.  he is cautious. he is imaginative. 

 he is the love of my life.

happy fourth birthday to my first baby boy.


  1. Happy birthday Big Boy Ben!!!

  2. Happy birthday, Ben! What a great post celebrating your Big Boy!