this and that: valentines edition

i once had a boss who referred to her husband (in a silly, yet adorable way) as "lover".  at 20 years old, this made me blush but now i see it as a little window into their playful relationship.  love it or hate it, valentine's day is around the corner.  i used to hate it, but now i embrace any holiday that provides an excuse to eat a fancy dinner at a fancy restaurant.  here are some valentine-inspired things from around the web that make my heart go pitter patter.

photographs by lauren fleishman (of couples married 50+ years) found here

gorgeous cards featured here

how hilarious and true is this?  found here.
be still my heart.
totally making these next year.

or these

or these.

o.k. i'm done (although i could keep going fo sho).  anything been inspiring you lately?

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  1. Cortney! I love all of these. The pictures of the older couple?? Be. Still. My. Heart. And the foundation of any relationship?! So true. That is definitely me and Trey!

    Happy Valentine's Day!