let there be light

sorting through the contents of the 'starred items' folder in my google reader, i noticed a theme in the loads of images i hoard for my occasional 'this and that' posts. 
 so many of the images that have stuck with me recently are ones i never want to forget beause they shine.  aren't they beautiful?

the above photo was taken of fireflies.  gorgeous.

italian artist giancarlo neri installed 9,000 LED powered orbs in a field in rio de janero.  set on a timer, the orbs change color every five minutes.  once the cycle of colors is complete, the orbs are lit in a multi-colored display.  what in the world would you do if you happened upon a field of 9,000 colored lights???  trip to rio, anyone???

"At Tate Modern in London from February 9 to June 5, 2012, you'll find a space filled with mirrors and small LED lights, which change color. Infinity Mirror Room – Filled with the Brilliance of Life is by famous Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, an 82-year-old woman who has spent most of the last forty years of her life as a voluntary resident in a psychiatric hospital." -my modern met

it blows my mind that her 82 year old mind cranks out ideas of such beauty and creativity.  unreal. 

this installation was created by the same 82 year old artist i mentioned earlier.  she started with a white room.  she equipped young children with colored dot stickers.  after weeks of visitors, the installation ended up looking like the first photo.
the thought of stickers ending up on every surface of my home sends shivers down my spine, but i think i could get on board with it happening in a gallery space.

happy wednesday, friends.

i hope you like these images as much as i do.

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