greatest hits

 this week has been low-key, which suits me just fine.  
here's a peek at a few things that made my week:

1) i spy something green.  be still my heart, is it crosby's eyes???  most days they are grey, but every once in a while they turn a beautiful shade of green, green, green.  why am i so excited about this?

 2) remember my mellow baby that would sit and play and smile without a peep?  well, he ran crawled away.  he was replaced by an equally cute baby that licks dog bowls and eats dog tails and pulls up rugs and grows teeth like nobody's business.

3) brotherly love.  
these hugs are going to cause my baby to have a conehead.

 4) the weather.  omg, the weather.  it is heavenly. 
 5) a nature walk where ben unearthed a t-rex arm bone (see?),
 and picked momma a flower.
 we enjoyed a nice breeze and the sunshine
 after taking a rest (or three).
 did you know there are dinosaur fossils around every corner here in east dallas?  i didn't either.
6) a jaunt to northpark, which is basically a free art museum.  ben was super pumped to pose under donald duck.  momma was super pumped that he was super pumped to pose under a warhol.

take your kids to northpark.  it'll make you feel well-rounded :)

looking forward to a date night (my kids will be with my parents at the lakehouse "catching catfish" according to ben) and superbowl sunday with friends and family.

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

until next time,

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  1. um...those "hugs" ben is giving crosby's head look familiar...if he starts biting his lip, it's over.
    i love you and your precious boys!