greatest hits

i will not let this crick in my neck ruin my day.  i will not let this crick in my neck ruin my day.  i will not let this crick in my neck ruin my day.

this week has been a good one, half of which is not documented considering i kept forgetting to charge the camera battery.  oops.

1)  a date with my husband that extended from friday afternoon to saturday afternoon.  we had dinner at la duni, saw the descendants, went to bed early (because we are old), slept in until 7:30 (say what???), worked out (who are we???), went to breakfast, and grocery shopped all without our kids.  bliss.

2) a superbowl party with some of our best friends.  it was a ben and maggie reunion that has been a long time coming.  and no, i don't have any pictures.  dang.

3) ben and i were valentine-making-machines!  we made these crayons for his classmates.
3) at gymnastics, ben worked on the trampoline and crosby worked on his floor routine.
 4) this scenario: my smart husband had a meeting downtown today.  so he planned for the kids and me to meet him downtown for lunch (yum, foodtrucks!).  after lunch, he took our big boy to work with him so that i could take little boy to the jean-paul gaultier exhibit at the dallas museum of art.  i have been wanting to go since it opened and this weekend is it's last, so it was now or never.  totally worth it, y'all.  the dma has extended it's hours this weekend specifically for this exhibit, so it's not too late if you want to go.  warning: do not take your children.  (that is unless he is a baby in a stroller and you won't get to see the exhibit otherwise if you don't take him.)  the exhibit is very....shall i say....grown-up.

 5) these puppies came in the mail today.
just in case you need a visual at what we have to look forward to in april, here you go.
you are welcome.

Source: google.com via Cortney on Pinterest

looking forward to: quality time with my guys and a baby shower for a dear friend.

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

until next time, 


  1. Love the multi colored crayon heart, what a great idea! And please tell Emily Congrats and I love her - and send pics of her shower! :). Have fun!

  2. Love the crayon hearts! And Crosby's monkey hat is down right ADORABLE. What a fun week!