greatest hits

hi loves.  i am having a mini panic attack because the pictures from my camera are not downloading properly.  breathe in, breathe out.  it'll be o.k., right?  right?????

so this week, greatest hits will be in an instagram format :)
here are a few things that have made my week:

1) hanging out with this sleeping beauty.
2) a random thursday night date night at our beloved libertine bar where we demolished this plate of meunster cheese fries and an order of hog wings.  yes, you heard me right.  betcha didn't know hogs had wings.
3) trying the new healthy "fast food" restaurant, start.   the food was delicious and refreshingly different.  however, we were broke and hungry again an hour after dinner.  ha!
4) this baby.  he is a precious guacamole-loving ball of love.

 not pictured: our new kitchen backsplash!!!  if i ever figure out this picture-downloading-debacle, i'll show it to you.  
it sure is purdy.

looking forward to a long weekend and going to the lakehouse.

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

until next time,


an easy recipe

just thought i would share what ended up on our dinner table tonight. the combination of ingredients may sound strange on paper, but i promise you it is delicious. it is one of those "pantry" meals you can always have on hand. double bonus.

introducing a martin-turned-bonner classic family meal: chicken, rice & raisens.

1 box of chicken flavored rice-a-roni
1 can of white meat chicken ( the big can)
1 cup of raisens
1 tsp. yellow curry powder

cook rice according to package. drain chicken, add to rice with raisens and curry. stir. enjoy with a salad. delish.

you can make this the bonner way and double the recipe. we like heaping bowls and enough for leftovers the next day. big surprise :)


songs i love: stevie wonder

in my dreams, i would be asked to serve on a panel for rolling stone paste magazine to rank the ten best slow-dance songs, or the best sad songs, or the best beginnings of songs.

if i had to vote on the best beginnings of songs all my votes would probably go to stevie wonder (except for one).

i heard two stevie songs on the radio today that i love, love, love.

{i mean, tell me that's not a good beginning of a song.}
{my favorite.}

p.s. don't forget about this one.

p.p.s. and as much as i love stevie, my heart really belongs to al green.  this, in my opinion, is the best beginning of a song ever:

p.p.p.s.  i wanna be on soul train.

am i the only one who thinks about these things?  
who would you vote for?


greatest hits

i am nesting, y'all.  and no, i am not pregnant.  thank goodness, because i am so stinking tired from watching three children today, two of which are mine.  for those of you that have more than two small children, i want to hug you, bless your heart, and then buy you a margarita. or three.

i am nesting because we are putting the finishing touches on our house (the fun part i have been looking forward to before we bought this formerly ugly mess of a house).

here's a peek at my week:

1) my oldest and dearest, sarah, came in from portland so that we could buy her things and rub her belly (of which contains a sexless, nameless baby.  hmph.)  robin hosted this small get-together in her beautiful home.  seriously, straight out of a magazine, y'all.  can you tell she plans events for a living?

 {the favors were bags of cookies made from sarah's grandma's recipe, with the recipe printed on the label.  adorable.}
 {and since sarah is a proper southern lady unable to get blue bell ice cream in her new home state, robin fashioned a blue bell ice cream bar in her honor.}
 2) we celebrated the second anniversary of my uncle's 39th birthday at our beloved matt's (in garland.  womp. womp.  it'll be back in east dallas soon.  fingers crossed).
 3) i hosted a girls only swim party at my house but i have no pictures because i am lame.  and because i was floating in a pool drinking cold beers.

4) remember when i told you my baby was into everything?  that includes his nose.  at the dinner table.
5) i unpacked my books and color-coded them.  oh-yes-i-did.
 we hung my beautiful mirror.  and by we, i mean chris.
 we finished details in crosby's room.

 and in ben's.

 6) miraculously, the two babies napped simultaneously this afternoon.  therefore ben and i crafted.  we may not have left the house all day but we crafted, damnit.
 7) our painting arrived in the mail.  omg, omg, omg.  more on this painting in a post to come.  stay tuned.
looking forward to: running three miles in the morning getting stuff done this weekend.

how was your week?
what are you looking forward to?

until next time,


what's cooking, good looking?

i am taking a break from (the endless) packing to blog about something other than my greatest hits.  oh and to eat some oreos dipped in milk (which is really hard to do whilst typing).

i have some exciting news to share.

i found my cookbooks.

not what you thought?

my kitchen has been in working order for almost two weeks and i have not had any guidance other than pinterest.  seriously, what would we do without pinterest?  cook scrambled eggs and grilled cheese sandwiches until you find the unlabeled cookbook box in the garage, that's what.

here's whats been cookin'.

1) everything pasta (these are not official names, mind you).
delicious.  i like it because you can add any veggie you want.  i couldn't find whole heads of cabbage so i tossed in a slaw mix instead.  next time i might not omit the jalepeno and might toss in some peanuts or sesame seeds.
grade: A

2) melon-mint sangria.  the only problem with this recipe is that i didn't make enough.  so tasty.  thanks, martha stewart.  lady knows her sangria.
grade: A

3) buffalo chicken meatballs.  i used turkey instead of chicken because it's what i had.  they tasted great but the meatball was a hot flimsy mess.
grade: B-

4) mexican crockpot chicken.  so simple and so cheesy.  it was a hit all wrapped up in a tortilla.
grade: B+

5) chicken broccoli casserole.  i love a good casserole.  and this one pleased every member of the family.  will be making this again.
grade: A

6) cheeseburger wraps.  i used turkey instead of beef because that's how i roll.  i omitted the tomato and added pickle.  i ate too much.  big surprise.
grade: A

7) baked bean dip.  slap-your-momma good.  i may still have a stomach ache.

there you have it.  my credit links got all screwy, so if you want the recipes, check out my pinterest food board or message me.

off to drink my oreo milk.





greatest hits

sorry, y'all.  i switched days with my sister so i worked today instead of blogged.  and i'll keep this short but sweet since blogging is impeding upon my lay-down-and-veg time.  oh, but i still love you to pieces and i am still trying to figure out my new blog situation (thanks for the input).  i'll keep you posted.  pinky-swear.

here's a sneak peek at our week:
1) i got flowers for finally getting to cook in my kitchen.  first meal back: eggs, bacon, pancakes and grits.
 2) my wack-a-doo littlest boy will not stay out of anything.

 3) the chalkboard hallway got initiated.
 4) the boys love lmfao.  party rock was in our house that night.  everybody just had a good time (not really).  ugh.
 5) two major scores were hung.  my 75% off west elm light fixture from the pottery barn outlet AND my super-on-sale anthropologie curtains.
 6) we did this again.

 {this was the only time he was still the entire day.  it lasted .2 seconds}

 {i am trying, georgia.  i am trying.}

looking forward to: starting back with my running group (am i???) and seeing my sweet sarah and her big ol' preggo belly.

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

until next time,


greatest hits and a request

well, i didn't cook in my kitchen.  things happened.  still waiting.  i hear that tomorrow is the day.

guess what else i didn't do?  take any pictures.  until this morning, that is.  so get ready for pictures of my kids in their pajamas.

i didn't go to spin class either.  or run.  or unpack.

but i did go to work, love on my kids and hang out with my family and friends.  all of which i have no pictures of.

ready for the excitement of your life?  here you go.  
my kids in their pajamas with their cousin.

now for my request: 
i need to change the name of my blog. as you know i no longer live on bondstone and life on dentport does not have the same ring to it.  know what i'm saying?
 i dread this and really have no idea where to begin.  i know some of you sweethearts have changed your blog names before and even made the swith from blogspot to something else.  any sage words of wisdom?  and speak slowly because it all gets a little confusing to me!  thanks, y'all.  
promise me you will follow me wherever i go????

looking forward to (let's try this again): cooking in my kitchen!
how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

until next time,


girls trip mix-tape #3

better late than never, huh?

i spend all year jotting down songs that i love from the radio or pandora on little scraps of paper scattered around my desk or in the car.  sometimes i can't wait a whole year to add them to my girls trip playlist.  then about a month before our trip i start obsessing and hunt for the million little scraps of paper.  it's like a game now.  a really silly game that the primary player makes much harder than necessary.


this head i hold- electric guest
{i am fascinated that this voice comes out of a tiny white man}

{so bummed i cannot find this on youtube}

ho hey- the lumineers
{benjamin's favorite}

{found this super pretty acoustic version just now}

helena beat- foster the people
{saw them perform this song at acl.  drum solo was super awesome, min 3:14}

{got to support this local girl}

one red thread- blind pilot

{i have an enormous crush on this song}

danse carribe- andrew bird
{he's an odd bird, no pun intended, but his melody is so lovely.  don't you think?}

giving up the gun- vampire weekend
{jessica!  check out the cameos in this video!}

happy listening, y'all.


greatest hits

i know, i know, i didn't forget, i promise.  i was afraid that my computer quit on me, so i was unable to upload my photos in a timely fashion (last minute).  well, it turns out that my computer has to be plugged-in in order for it to work.  crazy.
look, i never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed.

here is a peek at my week.

1) since my mom's surgery, i am able to spend loads of quality snuggle time with my neice.
and the cousins get to spend loads of quality time poking each other's eyeballs.
busted, baby boy.
2) i have mentioned before that i am always a tad late on trends.  i finally bought a pair of red/orange jeans and hopped full-force onto the colored-jeans bandwagon.
but if my memory serves me correctly, i wore a pair of red jeans my first day of high school, which my friends (ahem...sarah and kelly) teased me about for years (because they are mean, not because my red jeans were tapered and buttoned well above my navel).  so it looks as though i am actually 20ish years ahead of the trend.  so there.  take that, mean girls.
3) we (marcy, kelly and i) took a 24 hour jaunt to the hill country to celebrate the fourth anniversary of my darling suzy's 30th birthday.  on the way down i had the honor of meeting beautiful baby lenox for the first time.  she's my new best friend.  obv.
 and though i did not take a single picture of the birthday girl, i did manage to snap a picture of our snazzy ride from the hotel to the concert.  we stayed at a charming (haunted) hotel in new braunfels and went to see the avett brothers play here.
it was a sweaty-dancy-best-friendy good time.
happy birthday, suzanne.
4) and in other news, my baby wants to be a painter.  good thing he was born into this family.  try not to be jealous of my moldy green laminate countertops from the seventies because it's gone, baby, gone!
stay tuned.
5) this family picture makes me happy because they are few and far between.
looking forward to: cooking in my kitchen and cooking in my kitchen.
how was your week?
what are you looking forward to?

until next time,